How To: Make a burning laser pointer that produces heat

Make a burning laser pointer that produces heat

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make a burning laser pointer. Users will just need a regular 5Mw green laser pointer. Begin by unscrewing the top of the laser pointer and take out the batteries. Carefully with a pair of pliers, break the glue seal and remove the laser. Using a micro screwdriver, make sure that the screw on the laser is tight. Now using a soldering iron heat the 03 component shown in the video for a few seconds. Then assemble the laser back together. This video will benefit those viewers who are interested in technology and would like to learn how to make a $600 burning laser just with a simple $15 laser.

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Does it HAVE to be a green laser?

canu name what all the stuff you need is i know you need a 5mw green laser , plyers, micro screwdriver set but what was that heating tool?

Soldering iron. You can get one at most electronics stores and department stores in the tool section.

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