How To: Add Electroluminescence to any project

Add Electroluminescence to any project

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Lighting a tech project with Electroluminescent material can look super professional, but it's easy to damage it or shock yourself. Learn how to safely add EL to any tech project in this episode of Systm!

Imagine being able to create your own backlight for any personal project you are working on! Check out this video if you want to create EL and avoid shocking yourself.

From Revision3:

Light without heat? It's called Electroluminesce when a material generates light directly from electrical current. It's found everywhere from aircraft control panels to Indiglo watches. It's a great way to light up your tech project, from backlighting LCD panels to prettying up a case mod. If you're not careful, however, you could damage the material, or, worse, give yourself a really really nasty shock.

In this episode of Systm, Dr. Kiki and David Calkins give you all the info you need to safely add EL to any project.

Wondering where to buy EL material? It's easy to purchase online from sites like Electro Luminescence Inc. but it's not super cheap. Think around $60 for an A4 sized sheet and toss in another $10 - $30 for a power inverter.

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