News: The World's First Teensy, Weensy 3D Printed Bikini

The World's First Teensy, Weensy 3D Printed Bikini

For the hefty price of $200 and up, you can be the proud owner of the world's first 3D printed bikini. And not just the first bikini, but reportedly the first functional and affordable item of ready-to-wear 3D printed clothing on the market. Created by Continuum Fashion, the N12 3D printed bikini is revolutionary because it addresses the technical challenge of creating flexible "textiles" with 3D printed material. The bikini is made of a material called Nylon 12, which is entirely waterproof.

Continuum Fashion founders Mary Haung and Jenna Fizel.

Continuum Fashion's bikini is just one impressive example of 3D printing among a pool of countless others. 3D printing is one of the most magical technologies in the world today; dream something up, design it in CAD, press "print", and its virtual existence is brought to life before your very eyes. Okay, admittedly it's not quite as easy as simply pressing "print", but the technology is becoming more widely available, predominately thanks to sites like Shapeways.

Shapeways is a 3D printing community that offers the technology at a far cheaper price than the industry standard. Users can buy, make and sell 3D printed products. Before you head over to check it out, here's quick demo video of how the process works:

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