How To: Build a MAME bar-top arcade cabinet for under $100

Build a MAME bar-top arcade cabinet for under $100

Part of the process is to create plans to follow when making the cabinet for the arcade game. when cutting the wood you need to allow for the 1/8th of an inch that the band saw will be cutting. You will also need a piece of plexi glass to give the game an authentic feel, spray paint the piece of plexi. You will also need joysticks and buttons, which you can get at You need to cut a square hole in the plexi so that the buttons can be mounted in it. To integrate the buttons you need to hack a game pad by drilling holes in the positive and negative and sauter a lead to them without bridging the connections. Then use quick connects to the arcade buttons and then the button presses of the arcade buttons will register on the pad. Installing hinges onto the cabinet will help gain easier access to it. The bar top is recommended to be in granite so that you don't have to paint. It should approximately take a weekend of time.

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