How To: Make a duct tape CD player holder

Make a duct tape CD player holder

In this tutorial we learn how to make a duct tape CD player holder. First, measure your length, width, and height of your CD player. After this, cut out the color duct tape you like in strips that are the right size for your player. Now, take your first two strips and stick them together. Now, take the third one and apply it to the bottom, flip it over and stick another one on top. Keep overlapping these with several strips until you get to the height of the CD player. After this, place the sheet under the CD player then make another sheet just like the one you just made. Now, place one on the top and leave the other on the bottom, then stick two more piece of tape together, and tape it to the side of the other pieces. When finished, make sure everything is secure and you will have a holder.

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