How To: Make a microphone wind screen for a Zoom H2

Make a microphone wind screen for a Zoom H2

For anyone who has ever used a microphone, trying to record something during a windy day can be a bit of a pain. Of course we can eliminate most of the interference with a simple wind screen that can be purchased at the store, but many times they can be a bit pricey. Well, in this tutorial find out how to make your own wind screener for a Zoom H2 mic. Enjoy!

How to make a Microphone Wind Screen (Zoom H2)


Ever wanted to make your own windjammer for just a few quid? This is a simple low budget way of protecting your microphone from awful wind noise.

It seems this particular design will eliminate wind noise even in a gale!

This basic idea should work for most microphones, although this particular one was built for my Zoom H2.

Total cost of build

Approximate parts and price list:

Plastic mesh = "Quick Count" (Cross stitch) £2

Small quantity of 1/2in thick upholstery foam £2-4

Deep pile artificial fur (60mm+ or 2.5in+ strand length) £4-5

Small piece of thin felt

small cable ties

All parts available on eBa

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