How To: Make your laser pointer run on AAA batteries

Make your laser pointer run on AAA batteries

This video shows us the method to make your laser pointer work with AAA batteries. Take a metal casing made of metal. In the video, we take a Duracell mini flashlight and remove the front and back part. Unscrew the top and back of the laser pointer and remove the batteries. Roll some aluminium foil and put it in the metal casing. Put the AAA batteries in the casing with positive side inside. Put the casing and the laser pointer together and the laser works. Bind the two together by two rubber bands from the front and back. Apply the duct tape and electrical tape to hold them permanently at the meeting point of the casing and the laser. Cut the rubber bands from the front and your laser is ready. If you do not have a metal casing, bind the batteries and roll the aluminium foil over it. Wrap the electrical tape over the aluminium foil. This will act as the casing for batteries. Cut the foil at both the ends so that both ends of the casing are visible. Put the casing in the laser and put some aluminium foil at the other end of the casing. This finishes the task.

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