How To: Make your own solar panel

Make your own solar panel

In this video, we learn how to make your own solar panel.The amorphous solar glass is the cheapest but it's also the least efficient. You can do anything you want with these and they are durable. The hexagon cells are the most efficient and most expensive as well. The poly crystalline is almost 2 watts a piece and can be purchase in lots of any size. You have to tab these cells together and they are extremely fragile. Be careful when you work with these. To make these, you will solder tabbing wire to the back of these and they will be negative on the front and positive on the back. The tabbing wire will run down the length, then the next one will attach along making a long chain. Use the flex pen to run along, being very careful not to break. Once finished, you will have a solar panel in your home that will save you money.

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