How To: Read binary on a block

Read binary on a block

Ever wonder how to read a binary clock? First, you must learn that in binary code there are only two numbers, one and zero. A binary clock has six columns and tells time in military time. The first two are for the hour. No light means zero. A light that is turned on is one. The first column has two dots the second column has four. if the second dot from the bottom in both columns is lit, it is 22:00 or ten o'clock. In the third column the light closest to the bottom is lit which means one. In the fourth column, the top light is lit and represents eight. so, the clock says it is 22:18 or ten eighteen pm. The fifth and sixth columns represent seconds. Currently, the two bottom lights in the fifth column are lit. That means you add the first light (the bottom light which means 1) and the second light (right above it - 2) which means three. the lights on the sixth column will change every second, but the gist is that the time is 22:18:3. That is how to read a binary clock.

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