How To: Set up the tone arm of a record player

Set up the tone arm of a record player

In this how to video, you will learn how to set up a tone arm on a record player. First, you will notice the counter weight at the other end of the tone arm. Remove this first. Set the dial set to zero and have the lever pushed forward. Slide it on and lift the arm off of its rest. Play around with it until the arm floats. The next thing to do is to balance the cartridge. Many cartridges have different weight requirements. If you do not have the weight set up behind the arm, you cannot use different cartridges. Look at the cartridge manufacturer's recommended weights. Turn the dial so that it reads this weight. It might be better to use a turn table or tracking gauge as well. There are two grooves on the end of the gauge. If your cartridge requires less than 1.5 g, use the times one groove. If it needs more, half the gauge. Rest the stylus in the times two groove. The dial usually reads a little less. Turn the dial down and place the stylus on the gauge. If it is not balanced on the gauge, adjust the dial until it is. You need to set the anti-skating weight as well, or else you will ruin your records. To adjust it, adjust the device underneath the arm. Once that is done, you have now set up the tonearm on your record player.

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