How To: Make a bristlebot (toothbrush robot, get it?)

Make a bristlebot (toothbrush robot, get it?)

The BristleBot is a simple and tiny robot with an agenda. The ingredients? One toothbrush, a battery, and a pager motor. The result? Serious fun. The BristleBot is our take on the popular vibrobot, a simple category of robot that is controlled by a single vibrating (eccentric) motor.

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I knew someone would come up with a use for old pagers, VIBRATE ON!

and old toothbrushes!
this is way cool

So simple and so much fun. This one is a stress reliever, when you have a worktable with a little fence on the edges, so the robot doesn't fall to the ground and get eaten by a cat. the all i need is a pager...

Beautiful, simple. I made a brush motor out of a fingernail brush and small dc motor with a weight for a physics class I taught. But it wasn't as elegant as this.


very nice idea! :)

I hafe taken a large pager motor out off my gamecube controller and i don't know where to fit it on...
please respond if you have a idea!!

There is a pager motor in
gamecube controller
p2 controller
xbox 360 controller
and much more..!
but they are slightly bigger,
so what you wanna do is
mount it on 2 heads (toothbrush)
and then you use a bigger battery and your done!


can you give me the article on hoe to do this one?????
i'm very interested to make this............

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